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Bulgin 6000 Series Buccaneer - Ethernet

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Bulgin 6000 Series Buccaneer - Ethernet

Bulgin’s 6000 series Buccaneer connectors have a push/pull coupling mechanism making them easy to use whilst still providing environmental sealing from IP66, IP68 to IP69k. The 6000 series is available with a metal or plastic body increasing its versatility for use in a multitude of applications.

These robust circular connectors are ideal for applications where ingress of dust and water must be avoided and where simplicity of connection, limited space and physical appearance are crucial factors. The 6000 series Buccaneer range has both Power and Data connectors.

6000 series Buccaneer for Data – Ethernet,

Key Features;

  • IP66, IP68 & IP69k sealing when mated
  • Bulgin 6000 Series Buccaneer - Re-wireable Flex Connector PXM6034
  • Cat 5e compliant
  • Cat 5e Shielded Coupler
  • Data rate up to 100MHz

PXM6037; 6000 Series Ethernet connectorPXM6033; 6000 Series Ethernet connectorPXM6034; 6000 Series Ethernet connector


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