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ETM - Test & Measure Connectors, Leads and Clips

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Electroustic Test and Measure (ETM)

Is our own brand of electronic cabling equipment, consisting of various clips, leads, sockets and plugs.


We source specialist manufacturers to provide quality products for all sorts of testing and measuring requirements.

The ETM range includes the following connectors and cables;

  • Test Probes & Clips
  • BNC Adapters & Leads
  • Test Leads
  • Panel Sockets
  • Binding Posts
  • Banana Plugs
  • Connecting Plugs
  • Crocodile Clips
  • Uninsulated Banana Plugs & Sockets

ETM Test & Measure is the Electroustic own brand of Test & Measure Equipment.

Test and measure equipment is used across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. These range from OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and test solution providers to electricians and maintenance staff. Our crocodile clips and test leads are particularly popular within  schools and colleges because they’re reliable and functional tools that can be used easily and safely in science lessons by teachers and pupils.

We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our ETM range in terms of convenience for our customers.

Safety Standards

It is of utmost importance that test equipment is maintained and regularly tested to prevent inaccurate readings and negate potential safety risks. The equipment is well manufactured using high quality raw materials to ensure high accuracy rates.

We use a range of worldwide manufacturers to produce our ETM range in order to offer a cost effective solution for our customers and they’re available exclusively from Electroustic. If you are looking for an alternative brand for your test and measure equipment which offers quality at low cost then our ETM brand could be for you.