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Industrial Connectors

Connectors, Industrial connectors from franchised distributor

Connectors and leads from the Electroustic product portfolio are available for a broad spectrum of markets and applications. Our connector portfolio includes field attachable connectors, receptacle connectors, rear mount and front mount connectors in addition to leaded connector cordsets, both double and single ended.

Our connectors and leads fall into the following categories; Rectangular, Circular, Waterproof, Entertainment, MIL Spec, Data, IEC and Hazardous Area Zones. Within each of these categories you will find connectors and moulded leads from our top brand manufacturers which include Bulgin, Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation.Typically you will find the Hirschmann connectors within the rectangular, circular, entertainment, data and waterproof connectors categories. 

     Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet Switches and products from Hirschmann

To date, Ethernet is the most widely used LAN (Local Area Network) technology and refers to the family of computer networking technologies covered by the IEEE 802.3 standard. The importance of Ethernet technology has grown over the years as it has evolved to provide additional performance and network intelligence.

With the rise of Industry 4.0 and smart factories, industrialised Ethernet  protocol is becoming increasingly significant within the industrial arena. Industrial Ethernet has its foundations within Ethernet protocols applied to office automation but within an industrialised environment. Typically the conditions within the industrial sector are much harsher than in an office environment meaning the components used need to withstand extremes of temperatures, vibration and humidity. 

Automation Technology

Automation Technology, I/O Modules, Actuator/Sensor Distribution Boxes

Automation technology, industrial automation, factory automation, smart factories and smart cities;  each of these terms and more relate to the reduction of human intervention, increased efficiency of manufacturing processes and the improvement in quality. Automation of the manufacturing process not only reduces costs, it improves quality, increases production rates, reduces waste and optimises energy use.

Within the Electroustic product portfolio we cover the industrial automation sector with products from Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet, Bulgin and Lumberg Automation. The product focus within the automation technology category is on the communication protocols that allow the relay of information within the manufacturing process. 


Electromechnical Components and connectors

Electromechanical devices perform electrical operations through the use of moving parts. These connectors and components usually involve an electrical signal which is used to create a mechanical movement or vice versa, a mechanical movement to create an electrical signal. Although interconnect technology is advancing at a rapid rate, the electromechanical components still play a vital role across many sectors and applications.

The Electroustic profile includes components and connectors from a number of top manufacturers including Bulgin and Lumberg. Products that you will find within this category are Fuse holders, IEC Inlets, IEC Outlets, Battery holders, Switches, Piezo switches, Indicators and automotive connector systems. 


Since 1963


Electroustic have over 50 years’ experience distributing top brand industrial connectors, leads and electromechanical components to many industrial sectors. Specialising in the distribution of industrial connectors and Ethernet connectivity solutions from leading brands such as Lapp Group UK, Phoenix Contact, Bulgin, Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation, Electroustic can offer industrial connectivity solutions for almost any requirement. Our strong customer focus and solid partnerships with our manufacturers ensures we offer a truly connected service from manufacture to supply to end user.

Electroustic supply industrial connectors designed by globally renowned manufacturers. As franchised distributors we offer components and industrial connectors for a wide variety of sectors, including oil and gas, power generation, industrial automation, transportation, security and many other industries. Our expert team are always on hand to offer advice on all your industrial connector requirements. Our knowledge and expertise means we can also supply total solutions from specification right through to production.