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                                                                                  Box Builds

                                                                                                        Box Build 

Electroustic has the ability to provide box building through our sister company Complete Electronics. Complete Electronics specialises in PCB assembly (PCBA). The surface mount (SMT) capabilities encompass SMD component sizes from 1005, 0201 & 0402 packages etc. to µBGA & BGA  (ball grid array), QFN and fine pitch devices, Conventional or ‘thru-hole’ components can be hand or machine inserted and then hand, wave or even ‘pin in paste’ soldered.

Electronic products can be assembled, tested and packaged to meet specific client’s application with dedicated factory floor space and assembly staff including finished goods stock holding if required. With our full Box Build service we can  manage the entire operation, from component and PCB procurement, through PCB and mechanical assembly, final test, packing and dispatch. We can deliver right first time, on time product, no matter the complexity of your boards / assembly. We are also able offer the whole or part of the production solution whether it’s the complete box build or just assembly of supplied parts.

Working in close partnership with our customers, we develop a strategy which enables us to provide a quality finished product every time.

Our long term relationships with manufacturing partners, both in the UK and worldwide, mean we have access to some of the best designers, precision metal workers, plastic injection toolmakers and PCB manufacturers. All of this ensures continuity of supply and quality, to give you a professional finished product. Let us quote for your PCB assembly (PCBA) or fully assemble and see where our extensive track record can save you time and money.