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PCB Assembly

                                                          PCB Assembly

                                                 PCB Assembly 1                PCB Assembly 2

 Electroustic sister company Complete Electronics specialises in PCB assembly (PCBA), and using our vast experience of these processes we can deliver right first time on time product no matter the complexity of your boards. Flexible quick turnaround. Full or partial turnkey solutions.

  • Our Surface mount (SMT) capabilities encompass SMD component sizes from 1005, 0201 & 0402 packages etc. to µBGA & BGA  (ball grid array), QFN and fine pitch devices.
  • Conventional or ‘thru-hole’ components can be hand or machine inserted. Then hand, wave or even ‘pin in paste’ soldered. Our experienced staff can advise on the best solutions.
  • We are able to process RoHS and Non-RoHS solder components and assemblies via specific controlled processes and soldering solutions.
  • PCB technology from single sided to double sided multi-layer PCBs. Rigid or Flexi-circuit (Flex).
  • Experienced with mixed technology and exotic substrates.
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) which is an automated visual inspection of printed circuit boards
  • We can assist in design for manufacture and design for test
  • A first-off inspection process is performed on each build
  • We can deliver efficient test solutions and/or customer supplied functional  test procedures

Working with our strategic manufacturing partners allows us to select the best solution for your project. Aligning the skills needed to assemble the products economically and quickly to the highest standards. Let us quote for your PCB assembly (PCBA).